Penning Down...

Everything that we see today around us were once just an iota of imagination. It took us from scrawling on iron caves to swiping on our iPads. There is no limit to what you can devour with your mind. It stretches to infinity like this Universe. 

I am a person just like one of you - an individual who believes that one is born in this world for a purpose. I am a writer by passion and I love writing. Its the ultimate euphoria that takes me to another level - a world far out of our own. A world where I don't have to swipe my credit card or stand in queue to reach there. I am my own master in the kingdom of thoughts that I brought into existence.

For me, to write is to influence. Whenever I take a piece of paper and click my pen, I know that I am speaking to someone without even knowing who they are. It gives me the freedom to enter someones thoughts. And that is a feeling which I can imbibe from hardly anything else.

I would like to keep my mind open and embrace change as it comes along.


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I am the kind of person who continually keeps changing. Some call it restless. But I call it evolving with time. I am an Engineer by profession, a Coldplay fan and a pure Socialist at heart. I believe that one should not stop dreaming and that dreams install hope in this world