Senses of Mystique

I gazed at the open night sky bubbled with tiny sprinkles of stars. The setting could not have been more appropriate than where I was standing then at the Astronomical Tower in Prague.  The Sun had just set only to wither its ever satiating love for the moon to fade in, calling in the placid breeze. It felt like a mythical garden of fruits. It was not cold, but a mild chill, the one that makes you want to stay perfectly where you are, yet admire the energy of the city in all its nightly glory. The intermittent fireworks from a distance added only to the pizzazz, it didn't drown any voices around me. The aroma of exotic Japanese cuisine still dominated the Eastern European air. The Medieval brick-laden padding of the city cried only one word - Timeless. I watched the crowds surrounding me with utmost curiosity. I abstained from my inclination to know further. Hence, I observed and just imbibed everything. Adnan slowly sauntered towards me with my dose of night coffee

"Here you go", he said as he handed me my cup. "Time to pickup some women tonight"
"We could...", I responded with hesitation due to lack of caffeine. "But..."
"What happened?", Adnan seemed blown off. "You seem different"
"I feel different", I said as I stretched my arms out. "I just sense something. Don't know what it is"
"Its the same story again for you, isn't it? You are in one of the most beautiful European cities. If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time. But rather make wise use of it"

Adnan is a compelling human being and he proved it after few minutes of him talking me into his agenda. We finished our coffee and headed towards a popular pub designed like a ruin. I was compelled physically to pick up strange attractive women, but my mind was wandering. It was sensing. Scanning. But I didn't know what to expect of it. The bartender hit two drinks for us on the table. I poured the flaming effervescent vodka down my throat. Deep down inside, I didn't intend to go down hard that night. Slowly, the burn started to fade and a new sensation began to take shape. I could perceive it coming closer. As it neared, I felt a waft of heavenly fragrance draw past my right ear to the left. I turned towards the source. I couldn't believe it - It was the most intense eyes that I had ever seen and we locked with each other for a moment. I felt my entire body tremble. I felt scared in a strange way, but I admired it. I slipped down from my table and followed her outside the bar. I could hear my mate yelling at me, but I was focused on my instincts to go further. All my senses were riling up to see which one dominated

The wisp of her hair danced along with the rhythm of the city. It was in tune with it. It was splendid. Blonde and addictive. Her smile sent me to a high more than the vodka I had during this vacation. It pierced through my heart. And I couldn't  help it. Her bright blue scarf gently wrapped around her neck just enough so that it rested beneath her petite ears. Her skin radiated the moonlight just like the perfect thing she was. She was not alone, yet she was the one who stood out among her friends. Who was she? I knew I had to keep walking

I followed her inside another ruin pub. I knew I was alone. Our eyes locked once again inside the pub. The loud music inside was not going to keep me down. She stood with her friends gently pacing her dancing moves. She was sophisticated, yet she liked to keep it simple. She threw her addictive smile at me once again. I decided to stay longer and play out my destiny. I needed a drink to calm down her effect on me. I ordered a drink as I stood at the bar table, only to see her walking towards me now. Looking intensely at me, yet smiling. Her eyes were now even more vivid. They had a story to tell. I smiled at her a with a calibrated heart beat. 

I shook her hand and said, "Meghal Vijayan"
"I am Veronika"

Her broken English tied in with an European accent had a seductive tone around about it. Although she had said just her name, her persona reverberated a sexual attraction. We spoke as though we knew each other for lifetimes

Emotional connection talks to deeper dimensions. I held her arm and took her with me towards the balcony of the club. She was willing to be apart from her people. I liked that. I leaned her on the  wooden parapet wall. Her bright black knotted dress waved against my pants in the windy night. The setting was perfect as far as I knew it. I brushed my brown fingers against her white cheek. It was silkier than butter. She was irresistible. I grabbed her hips and drew her towards me seeing her world through her eyes as she embraced me. I danced serenely. Her blonde hair was waving across my skin as though it was lighter than air itself

The music faded and fireworks intensified again in then night sky. We looked at the stars and they looked back at us. I held her chin and moved her hair to lock it behind her ear. I was hesitant at first. Intuitiveness was working at a different level for me that night. I needed answers. I looked into her eyes again. They didn't twitch for a moment. I rubbed my fingers over her cherry red lips. We kissed. Her lips tasted like freshly foraged strawberry. It was surreal. I had never had a rush of dopamine to my brain like this, for any night that I remember. It was perhaps emotions stacked up over a period of time only to let it go with a loud cry for ecstasy. It was the longest kiss that made me lose track of time. I held both her cheeks now. Her eyes now gleamed. They never gleamed before that night. I realised that she was longing for it too

The very aroma that was prevailing throughout the city vibes was reminiscent of her. It struck me with the right chords the moment when the sweetness of her smell passed through me when I glanced her for the very first time at the bar the very same night. It all came back to me and I was back to where I started. I was stuck in a loop. It was endless. It was addictive. Yet I knew it completed me - Like an incense that fired flowers inside a dancing hall.

The night that started of with signs of mystery was in essence revealing the keys to the door of the main plot that was about to unravel. The universe works in mysterious ways. But it always works to align itself to serve you. I knew it when she walked back to my room with me. I didn't take her. She came along. She trusted me and my intentions

The very sun that faded onto me that night came around with a bright yellow smile darting his aura through my hotel window. She was asleep. Like the innocent creature she would be. The more I looked at her, I more I knew about her. The sun exemplified her beauty every moment it shone on her. Even though asleep, she still had a giving smile that was lightly spread across her. She must have been unaware of that quality about her

I was selfish. I didn't want even that smile to fade. That moment was infinity. I brushed her hair behind her ear to keep her glowing... 


I was the nonchalant man I am


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