Breaking the Norms

I like doodling. It makes you spent your free time (during those boring lectures or meetings), to do something even more useless. People say its a creative form of abstract art and I must admit, a lot of thought goes into it subconsciously. For me, the ounces of thought that goes into it - Zero. I have never considered doodling to be a source of motivation either. I mean, its just random lesser nonsense that you draw to escape into to, from another greater nonsense. But not this one particular day. I was `intensely` listening to a corporate meaning, while my hand doodled a small telecom tower, which I didn`t even realise until my colleague who saw my weird drawing had asked me, ``Dude, what the hell!``

It got me thinking - Why on earth would I draw this particular mobile tower out of anything else I could have scribbled. It could have been a Mercedes-Benz logo, a well dressed pepperoni pizza or even my ex-girlfriend imagined in a bikini! I noticed that the mobile tower had a name under it - Airtel. Well, now the mystery is solved. It was like me reverse-engineering my own profoundness and foolishness in one surreal go. If my mind was a corporate company, it probably would have gone bankrupt already! That Airtel mobile tower is something of surmount importance in my life and remined me of a time when rules were immune to myself and the social circle that revolved around me. Nostalgic interference hitting in... three... two... one.


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