Amity in Darkness

We humans, as a species, always seek things or experiences that we do not have. This is by nature how we have come to due to the forceful evolution of our consciousness. I remember while being a kid, I always used to long for a Kinder Egg chocolate almost everyday. My parents hardly bought candies for me, since they didn't want to encourage that behaviour in me to have a sweet tooth. They would rather I have an Apple or a Pear (Yeah I know). When I grew up, I wish I had a calculator watch to bust other loser kids' balls by waving my gadget at them. Then in my teens, I needed a bike and then a car. Later I searched for means to pay for that bike or car, which in modern times is called as a 'Job'. And now here I am, longing to complete this blog which I hardly started. But my no-nonsense point is that to crave for the unknown is human.

But when it comes to our activities, most of us prefer to finish off our chores during the day and then take to bed for a good nights sleep. So I ask all those of you, howmany of you have stayed awake and transcended through the night to the dawn, just to be in that experience alone?

For the many sleepless nights, I had encountered as part of my adulthood, I always felt a connection with the night. It sort of pushed me away from the mess and noises of the day-to-day life and transposed me into a state of higher awareness. It sort of became by friend who was ever-present. If you notice, it is only in the absence of light that darkness prevails, but if you observe closer, it is towards this very darkness that everything culminates in after its origination. Oxymoronic?

Starting with my teens, I used to spend countless late nights to 'study'. I am not commenting on its efficacy. But those nights I spent gazing the stars and knowing for sure that a world exists beyond our realm, I started noticing certain aspects in me that paved way for a better dimension of relaxation within myself, which I never knew I had. During my college years, perhaps I used to be the only guy who would sleep most of the first one hour of my class almost everyday, just because, I didn't get enough sleep the previous night. Why, you may ask? My stand still remains the same - I spent a lot of time at night contemplating or watching a movie or even talking to friends. Trust me when I say this - that habit actually got me through the ridiculous mess of a process called 'Engineering' and kept me sane.

Even now, I would anyday prefer a night time job. But this is where it gets interesting - The final choice comes down to where you live. I live in a vibrant country where night time activities are abundant and there are actually things you can do at night which you could possibly never do during the day elsewhere (I am not talking about anything illegal here!). And that gives me options to go out at night with friends or go for a Karaoke night at your local pub or the many things that you could accomplish while you are out with a complete set of fully functioning street lights (and mind you, that's not too much to ask).

During my stays in India and Middle East, I knew for a fact that there isn't much happening during the night. Yes, I would be lying if I said that night time is dead here. I am merely implying that the nighttime vibe just doesn't feel... How do I put this, well... Free. There was some serious lack of freedom whenever you did anything you wanted to do. When I came down to Canada, the moment I stepped foot, I could sense that this is a whole 180-degree shift in the settings that I had seen in the past. There simply weren't any qualms about being out at night. You don't have a Police Officer stop you by the roadside and asking your ID and then re-scan your face a million times. Rather they stop you to ask if you are simply alright and followed by a polite 'Sir', which makes you feel like a privilege folk.

Here, I realized that I am not the only freak who wants to befriend the night. There are millions of other intense-freaks. Suddenly I was not left out of the crowd, I became the crowd. If it was an Olympic event, I would probably be holding the torch for the 'Night Walk'. The energy is simply dazzling. It's always ON! I could flow with, dance with it or even cuddle it. I know it all speaks to me from a very deeper level of understanding and revelation. Like an osmosis process, the energy flows between me and the night, to be come one. It may all sound philosophical, but there is no better way to express it and sometimes words can be underrated.

Through all these times, I miss the loneliness with the night. Back in India, nightfall and I were chums. Here, there are many people as a whole part of it and I find it hard to spent time alone with a good ol' friend. But those were the times, that I truly cherish because, it made me simply look up at the night sky and then hear it tell me...

"You are the world"


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