Wanton Distress?

Quite frequently, I come across articles or videos pertaining to the very notion of depression. More than ever, the world is bathed in itself with sorrow and freedom at the very same time. Cherishing all the progress that we have made as a species over the years, including the millions spent on crawling out of the water and developing consciousness, our very own blessings seem to have counteracted us in a downward spiral. As a fellow Homo Sapiens, it 'dagger's me inside to see the world like this and I am sure any sound thinking individual can resonate with me. No one wants the world to plunge into tatters. Depression and distress are both a ticking time bomb for the humans as a race. The million dollar question is - How do you annihilate something that's within you?

As I slid open my iPad to write this piece, I realized "Damn! Google doesn't put much effort into their blogger app anymore", which made me revert to my traditional squeaky laptop to give commitment to my words. On a side note, just between you and me - I am actually seriously thinking of changing my blogging platform. Pssst! But that's topic for another day. While I ease myself into the beauty of 'Penning Down', I am sitting inside a Tim Horton's glancing outside the windows and admiring the peace and beauty of the town that I am currently in. People with an above average knowledge about North American culinaries, might have already deduced that I am in Canada by now. Yes, Tim Hortons and Hockey are the only two things that sell in Canada. Just like Cricket and Religion in India. Sipping down a hot French Vanilla never seemed so pleasureful, if it had not been for the crass weather outside. I am supposedly in one of the most beautiful islands in the country. But somehow the Weather Gods decided to mock me by covering that well endowed beauty with a layer of plush milky white snow. I can live with it. I am an Indian. We are not used to such luxuries down in South India. In the present state of affairs, even melting down a hot drink down your throat can even be a source of calmness. It makes you forget about all the miseries and tedium of life. It just makes you, how do you I put this... Tranquil. It gives an all the more convincing reason as to why when I watch the whole town walk by in front of me, it makes me see the loneliness in their eyes. People have become pre-programmed.

I personally have walked the path of depression and more often than I could predict was on the verge of diving into that endless hole. So, I can claim a wee bit of authority on this topic here. Depression creeps up on you like that menacing Man-Eater in the wild. You would never see it coming, yet you know you are in the jungle and its lurking somewhere around. But the instance that it pounces on you, you are dragged into his territory and then your only option is to succumb. Because, what happens next is difficult to wade off, unless you are The Hulk. During those days, when I insanely had to go through such mind bending questions about life and trying to draw the connection between cause and negative effect, little did I know I was digging my own pit. Then on a fucked up night, an incident changed my perception. My friend and I endeared an accident. I looked at my bruised self. I could feel physical pain. It was a moment of realization when it dawned on me there was something more to me than my mind, my stupid conclusions about life and my bubble. You have been gifted a life. You have the sole power to bloom it. I decided to kick depression in the nuts and devised my own strategies to combat this foe. It was a fight and I was down to it.

Here is some thing, what I call as my Ten Point Rule to kick depression out of your system. Now, these are Five things that you DO DO and Five things that you DON'T DO. I don't usually write my personal blog backing them up with some silly scientific or psychological study conducted in some University lab. Because, I don't intend to turn my diary into a research thesis. But, as an exception what I state below are actually science-backed tips to create the better version of one's self. So, bear with me below.

The DO DOs

1. Music - Make a small music collection of your choice, something that attracts you. Keep listening to it over and over. Let it be your dopamine. Relate to it. and Let it talk to you. I mostly listen to inspirational music from Two Steps From Hell or Hans Zimmer.

2. Carry a mini-notepad - I am actually stressing on a notepad. Not the 'notes' on your smartphone because, humans need connection with the physical world. Anytime a good thought strikes you, note it down. Any time you get an idea about something, jot it down. You have found a new passion? Pen it down. Let that be a companion of yours.

3. Get the fuck out! - Most depressed souls find beauty in the white concrete walls than anything else. The human body is designed to perceive using the five senses. This is your source of everything. Give it what it needs. Go out and talk to people. Just anybody. Talk anything and don't bother about peoples' reactions. All you are doing is giving your brain the good fuel it needs. Don't feel sorry about strangers' reactions to you. They are designed to be that way. And you are breaking it.

4. Run - Yes baby. Run. Just get out of your apartment, preferably in the morning and run. Run as long as your body can take you. Every time you run, every time you sweat, you are actually not just burning your calories. You are burning down your anger, sorrows, and all things bad. Direct that bad energy externally.

5. Elate your consciousness - Consider being in depression as a boon in disguise. This is actually one of the very few times we humans actually relate to a higher power. And for that there is no better way that Yoga and Meditation. Give it 20 min daily. Over the course of lets say, 3 months, observe yourself. You can actually feel yourself empowered.


1. Advertising emotions - Do you actually want people to read and know about your personal struggles. This is how you must think nonchalantly - People don't give a rat's ass about your goddamn emotions. The few people who actually feel for you can hardly help you. It's just like that. You are on your own journey.

2. Overeat - Obesity. Not a good word my friend. Diverting your attention to something like binge-eating can not only do you any good, it's also a very good friend of depression. Be sad. Please don't be stupid.

3. Worshiping Social Media - In fact banish them. You are always contacted by Facebook or Instagram with your friends updates. Let me ask you - Do you rally care? Do you care if your high school buddy bought a Lamborghini? For all you know, he might be sinking in debt! It's a good idea to temporarily stay back from all those social media junk.

4. Self-blame - "It's all my fault. I am responsible for that. I should have done that, not this.... Blah Blah Blah". Can we catch a break? People blame themselves when things go bad, but thank God when good things happen to them. Don't be a hypocrite. Be pragmatic. Accept that life is not perfect and you are just one of the reasons why things happen to you - not the entire reason.

5. Dive in the past - It's easy to say, I concur. But ask your brain to think this way - Anything that you did or happened to you in the past is irreversible unless you have a Time Machine. It's gone. You have no control over it. The only option you have as an imperfect human is the future and you have total control over it. That leaves us with the present. What do we do with it? We invest in the present so that your future bends and works as per your will. This is plausible in any sense you look at it.

Consider the Ten Points into Five Fingers of your hand, the Right being the DOs and the Left being the DON'Ts (the vice-versa if your ancestors held swords with the left). Now, you join them together just like when you pray. As you join, close your eyes and understand, this is the duality of life. There are certain things that you have to assimilate and some others that you renunciate in life. This balance is what keeps life going. This is how the basic algorithm on which the Universe was built upon.

So don't try eliminating depression from your life. It will come back. You just need to have a plan to fight and deal with it until it floats away.

Live free, beautiful souls


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