There comes a time in your life when you feel that you have to get up from that heavily gravitated bed of yours and do things, things you have never done before. Every kid born into this planet will eventually have these thoughts. But there are thinkers, then there are doers. I was always the former - the really dreamy thinker! What sets the doers apart is the emotional desire deep within their hearts, to do things that their hearts actually wanted - not things that they were pre-programmed to do by 'the society'. 

Why am i writing this? I am listening to Coldplay enjoying "Ink". I feel good. And I want to convey that goodness to you, who reads this post. The best teacher in your entire lifetime is nothing, but your own life. There is nothing at par with the power of experience gained through mistakes and eventually accepting your faults, so that you don't fuck up the next time. You have to appreciate those mistakes. They come and go and then a new one comes. It's the basic learning process in every aspect of lifes' struggle. Yes, its a struggle. But it's beautiful. That feeling of having put yourself through all those difficult circumstances was only because, you could walk out the end of that dark tunnel only to realise there was actually the radiant sunlight at the other side. You won't know how long you are going to walk. But there is always light at the end. The walk is part of life's beauty.

My life so far - Born in Muscat, graduated in India, did my Master's in England, hunted for jobs in Dubai, Moved back to England to work, then went to Canada, and again back in England. Looks fun? Well, no! Life took me here and everywhere else. Some was planned, some totally wasn't. Sometimes it felt like I happened to be at that place. Other times I felt like I was totally not meant to be there. In between, I used to feel "Why God?!" Yes, I sought the presence of the higher entity. You will feel it at a point in life. It doesn't have a form or a name. But you are enclosed within it. If you think otherwise, then it's you ego talking. Let it go. During all these times, I have never missed an opportunity to find happiness that was unique to those times. When I write this 'awfully philosophical' post, I am thinking "Man, I don't care it's awful. It's from my heart". This was something I wanted to 'pen down' at Montreal, while I was there. Life has given me lessons at each phase. But, while at Montreal, I learned many things which I couldn't gain from elsewhere. That's probably why I feel like pointing out  those revelations below, like a technical person does. 

(i) Elderly Respect - Montreal taught me to be more respectful to parents, sibling and relatives. I am stressing 'more'. Not that there never was an ounce of respect before, but it just got better. But, distance appreciates your true relations more than ever. It should stand the test of time.

(ii) Friends Factor - I was in an entirely new city. How many friends do I have there? Zero! But when I left Montreal, I had more friends than I needed. I am grateful to those times when I felt like I shouldn't be sitting on my couch and watch TV. There were the streets. There was this beautiful city. I was a part of it. I had to go out and meet people. I did. It was random. But that's how all relations start and you will be surprised to know that there a million out there in your same situation. People just want be talked to.

(iii) Leave the Unnecessary - If you are in a relationship that has gives you more unhappiness that happiness, then its time to bid goodbye to it. No matter howmuch better of a person you or I become, there will always be people pointing fingers at you and me. Let them go and tell inside your head "Go fuck yourselves!" That's it. Forget about them. You are set to meet more amazing people who appreciate you as who you are, for how crazy you want to be. Be with them. They are your society!

(iv) Women - No, no, no - don't get the wrong message. I am not talking about sleeping around here. Rather something entirely different. Respect any woman for who she is, rather than for her dimensions or the colour of her hair. Make her feel the warmth. You want women to like you? Then treat her like one. She will love you back for the man you are. Probably, it was the new city or the new energy, I could appreciate women more. I have had my fair share of bad times with women. But, you learn overtime what you are doing wrong. You still learn, and always will. If you have always liked that girl next door, but have never spoken to, then walk up to her, look into her eyes and tell her she looks Fucking Phenomenal. Tell it because you mean it, not because you learned the meaning of the word 'Phenomenal'.

(v) Do the 'Didn'ts' - When was the last time, you wanted to walk into the middle of a crowded street and shout "I am addicted to weed!", although you are not. Although it's not true. But, still the craziness in it gives you the high. Yes, people will look at you weird. But that's ok as long as you don't hurt another human being and mean fun. Spread the joy. Do those things you were uncomfortable with doing, but the societal norms held you back. 

(vi) Traveller - Travel. But, travel because your heart feels like you want to break free from the shackles of this robotic system of our world. Not because, your friends talk about it or because, they uploaded some random pics of the Colosseum on Instagram. Travel to an entirely different setting where you haven't felt things like before. It gives you a balanced world view and appreciate how amazingly varied this world is.

(vii) Social Connection - Are you checking your Facebook notifications every hour? Then get the hell out of it. That is not your social network. The real people you meet around you are your connection. It's because, you interacted with them in presence of life. Not because, you had some lines of computer codes that matched you up on a Tinder date. Interact with that random guy wearing a weird hat on his head and tell him that you like his style. It's unnnatural, but it would make his day. you just spread joy.

(viii) Patience - Develop it. It's a skill learned gradually. If you master this, you will never look at people the same way again. Patience gives you the quality to look at life from another person's shoes and behold, to see the difference.

(ix) Time is an illusion - This entire limited time you have on this planet is just a figment of your own's brains imagination. Maximise the things you do within it. Before, you leave this world you came into, take the most things you can from it. But those things shouldn't be the latest iPod or Gucci sunglasses. It should be experiences and love.

(x) That Special Someone - Love is hard to maintain. It's even harder when its gone for no fault of your own and you had no control over it. You will never believe that you can come out of it, after it leaves such a sunken hole inside. You will feel that it's impossible to meet another person like him/her again. You will feel thrown deep down into the ground like a fucking worm. You will feel you don't deserve to be loved. But, you will come out. And you will meet that someone who would be even more special. That someone who can joke around with you all day and still appreciate the honesty in your weirdness. That someone who doesn't want to change the way you dress or talk. The graph will start to go up the other way, when you have met that 'new someone'. Trust me, it will and you will! 

Nothing in this world is more unique than the way you were made. No one can replace that wonderful person you are. Some things in your life may not have happened as you had imagined. But that perfectly fine. We weren't meant to do exactly the same things as we calculated. There is no imperfection in that. And in this world imperfection is the key to beauty. Only nature can create things in such variety. And only humans can create a million things that look the same way. Don't believe me - Look at the people walking out of an Apple store carrying the exact same fucking iPhone you have in your hand. You are lost in monotony!

It's time to stop feeling sorry for things that weren't your fault. 
Stop crying over the last bit of sincerity your girlfriend or boyfriend lost in you. 
Stop worrying because, you couldn't afford the same expensive clothes like your friend did.
Stop thinking that you were never meant to be loved.
Stop cursing yourself in your head because, you couldn't get the education or job you wanted.

Now, its time to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for the little things and big things that happened not because of your fault. You were never the reason for that in the first place.
Appreciate the inner child in you and let he/she come out. 
Never apologize for anything you felt and did was right. 
Let love prevail within you. It's what bonds this world and universe together. 

Positivity is where you seek emancipation. It's not away from you. It's all within you. Just tap it gently, it will slowly wake up and move along with you in this journey of life, occasionally comforting you when needed

Einsten once said, "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That's relativity"

That relativity is how your perception of Time is like. Give some time for Time to show you the path ahead. It will all come to you. Then, once you see the road ahead just keep running straight ahead like that fucking amazing kid you once were! Feel what life throws at you and turn it around like Superman. You are amazing the way you are. And you will find love... again!


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