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This is could be probably one of the most bizarre talks from my side. But what the hell! To experience is to learn, I believe. I recently returned to England - I am stressing the word 'returned' because, I never actually felt like I had left this place for good. Some parts of me were still left lingering around here. I had a feeling deep inside that I would return. If India is my birth mother, then UK is my foster mother. A place that had shown me a whole lots of ways to look at life. 

Emotions aside, on my return here, I could see hurdles throwing itself at my pathway of life, for me to resolve. My primary intention is to start and set up a bank account to get going here. Banks as usual keep a smiling face for people to enter and then slap a whole register of laws and bylaws before setting up an account for you. "I am afraid, we can't accept a letter from the Company sir. We will need a proof of address", is the usual monologue. If I am new in this country, how can I arrange this 'proof of address'. It's like a vicious circle and I am trying to break in. Atlast, one of the banks (not naming them now), have an option to open new account for foreigners and so I setup a meeting with them. I leave work early, close the office, drive the whole road until there and wait at the bank. This is where things get interesting. My dedicated bank officer meets me at the allocated time (man, the Brits are a disciplined bunch). All things seemed good and he said that he can set it up. No issues as such. Just as I was about to leave, I get asked this question

"So, what are you doing for the weekend?" 


Now I know, in India, this is a casual question. Even if the weekend is another week away, people like asking this for no particular reason just to keep a conversation going. But here, in England, the rule set changes. Here, it's the question you ask just before asking a person out. So, I walk into a bank with hopes to start a new account and as a complimentary deal, gets an offer to be asked out by a homosexual person - "Not that there is anything wrong with it" (Courtesy to Jerry Seinfeld). At first I thought, I would reply, "I am going to meet my (imaginary) girlfriend". But, I didn't want to offend the guy and in any case ruin my only chance for banking with them. So, I said this - "I am going skydiving at Barcelona!". He seemed quite surprised, but not offended. We shook hands like gentlemen and I left.

All through out the drive back to my room, something kept popping up in my mind. "He asked me out. There is nothing wrong with it. I have no issues with his sexual orientation. But, he had the guts to ask. That's something noteworthy. I am in a new county here and no one knows me. I would like my sexual orientation to go to work. How would i proceed forward?"

After settling down in my room, I walk up to a nearby pub. It's a weekend and I would want to relax. I had a jug of beer at the bar counter, all alone. I sit there and a good looking girl takes seat beside me. Since, I am a little drunk, I start a conversation with her. Surprisingly, she is a friendly lady as well and didn't mistake my friendliness for flirting. We got to talking, and a while later I crawled out to light up a cigarette. She followed me out for one as well. I am getting this feeling, that she is a nice person. A nice company. But, what should I do about it? Then suddenly it hit me - the Officer at the bank. His openness to ask out actually motivated me. I summoned a sort of nerdy courage and confronted my stupid conscience

"I am new in town here and would love a good company. Would you like to join me this weekend for a movie? Dinner is on me!", I asked.

She laughed briskly and replied, "Sure. I would love to."

Oh my god! Did it actually work?! I just actually asked a beautiful lady out for dinner and didn't even have to beg to get her affirmation. She took my cracked phone and typed in her number. I was actually surprised the way hings turned out. I had no feeling of regret. Well, why should I? I was glad that a theory actually worked in practice. Not even creating Sodium Chloride in the chemistry lab gave me this much joy

Now, this is an unwritten law, in asking a women out for a date - all she appreciates is your confidence. That's it. Throw out all those preconceived notions as to how people would think about you. If you need something in this world, just ask. At the most you get turned down. So what. What are you going to lose! But, the irony of this is that I learned this from a gay gentleman and I thank him for that. Sometimes in life, you learn the most valuable lesson form the people you least expect it from. 

I thank him for rocketing the confidence inside me. Whether, I should thank him for the date, it depends on how it would turn out. *Fingers crossed*

Keep loving the world folks!


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