The Separation

                Why did we evolve?

             We could ramble on and on about creating the pyramids, inventing aircrafts, reaching the moon and even developing cloning. We created technologies that made us invincible to any possible attack of ETs. We learned to even alter weather. We have watch-posts in the form of satellites for almost every planet in the Solar System. We haven’t even solved problems that we are facing on earth – poverty, bigotry, war, slavery, race for power or even curing diseases. Yet we are in a hurry to jump onto Mars. Really?! I mean, it’s like joining College without finishing High School.

                In the past 100 years, we were able to eradicate only a single disease – Smallpox. While our best minds spend years developing methods and medicines to crack it down, we were smart enough to come up with a totally whole new generation of viruses. Thank god humans don’t mutate that quickly. And if we do do, it’s not going to be like the X-men.

                I wandered into the depth of the evergreen rainforest near my hometown – let’s call it the ‘Forsaken Jungle’. I needed a realisation of self and detachment from the world that I believed to be real. All the things that I was taught to believe in since childhood, slowly started garnering a sense of utter foolishness inside my head. I felt the existence of life beyond the domain of human perception and it was not like in anyway I had seen on National Geographic. I was surrounded entirely by sky-scraping trees that blocked out even the scorching sunlight and they seemed to bow to nothing. It taught me a life lesson. Being dumbfounded at first, by the miracles of freaking nature, I now held my head high as I walked past the forms of life that were unknown to me. I should be thrown back because, I had no idea what lied ahead. A very inexpressible connection exists when you brush past the thriving nature. It was a calling; something beyond the realm of my four dimensional senses. I could only think of one thing – how the rest of the world could not get addicted to this experience. People are busy running for and from everything now. Every second you stop to take a break is another possibility to make more money. But this entire marathon we are taking part in, is just a house of cards. It’s a fool’s paradise we live in. When did we lose touch with our origins?

                The day long journey into the depth of the ‘Forsaken Jungle’ was like a minute trailer for the entire movie about Nature. The fact was I lost my way half way. I couldn’t locate anyone of my ‘hermanjos’. Still I didn’t panic. I was felt the pulse of the entire lives inside there. I was alone, yet I didn’t feel lonely. I walked past a deep cave, which to be seemed like an isolated ruins or past remnants of human evolution. I sat at the entrance of the cave, baffled by the miracles of the planet I live in and only one thought came to my mind – “Humans are arrogant creatures”. I heard brushing of leaves as I sat at the same spot. I knew it was something moving. When I turned my head, my heart simply froze and the spine got the chills. It was a huge wild cat. I am not a biologist. Bu that thing was not in any way a domestic animal. People would give up sex in between and run away from this thing if they saw it. I felt like getting up and running. I couldn’t go through with the risk. I watched as he closely walked near and sat beside me. I couldn’t even realise what to do then, as the distance between me and this feline was just a paw-scratch away for him. His eyes didn’t seem all that ferocious at all. It was a lovable creature, just like any one of us. Just like us, he too would have been scared of me. I stretched by hand gradually and patted on his back (albeit with a million km/h heartbeat!). I kept patting him till he shifted to a sleeping position. I somehow didn’t understand how nature worked and what my teachers had given me lessons in school. The connection between man and nature, is a totally strange topic for all who had been ‘educated’. As the cat lay down, I closed my eyes, stretched my arms on my knees and started to notice things around me. I must have heard nearly a thousand different voices. A variety of temperature sensations. I could really feel my lungs expanding with all that fresh oxygen. Man! To have travelled is to have lived, people say, and it’s true.  A few minutes later, my concentration grew deeper. And I heard a series of similar voices. My hermanjos! They were around. But I could hear them crisply. I could even locate the direction of their voices. I opened my eyes and I saw my new friend lying just next to me looking at my strange mediation techniques. All I had was an apple which I had carried all the way. I kept it near him, got up and brushed past the waterfalls towards my friends. I looked back in between. No, the cat didn’t chase me. He kept looking at me and the apple intermittently.

I was glad to have got back to my people. But, somewhere deep inside I realised that I was glad I didn’t take my phone with me. Because, I had found a deeper connection in the evergreens and a new companion. Few hours later, I exit the deep wilderness and only to step into the noisy, poilluted, greedy cities we term as ‘civilized’.

                When people are stuck behind the screens of their computer uploading their daily chores on Facebook and Twitter, they have got used to that alternate digital life. We stopped even caring how happy we should be in real lives. Those ‘likes’ which you get on Facebook, those are not actual likes. Those are just mere lines of program code. In a real life, no one would come upto you and say, “Hey, I see that you were having coffee are Starbucks. Me and ten of my friends liked it!” Human emotions can’t be quantified.

                We didn’t evolve all this way from the oceans to be eventually controlled by our own creations. We have to close those damn pieces of machines and get back to the real life. Machines were created to make human life convenient, not to be succumbed to it.

                So, get the hell out of your rooms, folks!


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