Damn The Inconsistency

                This might come as a shocker to most people out there. But I clearly have set my mind through. Why did it take me yet so long to pen things down on you, dear diary? It’s not like I didn’t ‘miss ya’. I was just seeking inspiration and inspiration holds like a candle in the breeze. It’s vulnerable. It could get shed out. It could vanquish quickly until you try to hold it on.

                I thought of coming back here on Valentine’s Day. But, what the hell! Things change. These days are not like it how it used to be, anymore. Relationships are much on a material scale. Almost the entire world population believes, you actually need to have a particular day to celebrate love. Love is not celebrated. It is to be embraced, cherished and kept alive forever. It is something with life, as long the two people involved in it, stay together. Else, it dies. It ceases to exist. I am basically a person with romance at heart, and prefer the traditional connection between hearts than mind. If I had discovered ‘The Mask’, I am confident that I would have been wilder than Jim Carrey. I had an astrologer friend who opined that it was because I am a Leo and he was very affirmative. He also used to say Leo is a fire sign and fire signs must go with water signs, because once they combine, it creates land – the strongest bond. Well, mind you, I have come across many water signs in my life and rather than, creating rock or land, it swept away with the flood!

                But I always had one consistent love – writing. So, this year, I decided that no matter whoever comes between me and my lady love, I will make time for you. I have always been under the impression that writing my first book was a piece of cake. “I mean how hard could it be?  An average of 250 pages, for a typical book. I write 10 pages a day, and in a month, I am done”. Well not exactly. I started with seven new ‘books’. But none of them has seen the light of the day. And it’s been more than five years since this cat and mouse game has started. Damn! Inspiration is the core and if it fades away, so does the eventual creation. I don’t apply this theory to pregnancy, because, it works on hormones. But, I hope I made the point.

                I am writing today for a reason. Today, I found inspiration. I don’t intend to reveal that, atleast for today. But, I yearn to keep it up for so long that it will help me complete what I started. No matter, howmuch ever dear it is, I do like to keep certain things for myself. As matter of fact, so wouldn’t anyone?

                I guarantee this – If the source of motivation is worth mentioning, I will paint it out one day. And write a song about it (provided, I finish my guitar classes on time!)


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