How Do You Create Heaven?

It was a morning just like any other. Or atleast I believed so. The walks over the hilltop seemed longer than usual. But I wanted to take them no matter how much ever longer it took. I was up and all ready for it. In any normal case, I wouldn't even care to go outside in that gut wrenching cold. What made me do so? All I did that day was go down to the nearest junction with few of my friends to buy breakfast, come back to our room and have a sandwich to eat. The sandwich was tasting rather funny with honey instead of jam. Less than an hour later everyone changed totally. My friends looked at me as though I am a joker or I looked at them in a similar fashion. Some went and lay on the bed - Static! I just couldn't bear the uneasiness. I walked out.

It was around 10 in the morning. I strolled up the rocky hills with no idea whatsoever where I am going. Was I scared to go out there all alone? To a place where I have no idea what lies beyond. What kind of animals might come my way. What kind of trees might drop nuts on my head. Then I realised, I needed a companion - a cigarette. Just one. I rushed back to our car, opened the glovebox and found a packet. I was relieved. I lighted one and kept walking up again. Up at the peak that I could see, there was a Frog. A pretty huge one about the size of a backpack. It was bright sapphire in colour and moving, but it stayed still as I came near.

"Can I sit on you?", I asked
"I don't know. Can you?", it replied to me.

Without hesitation I sat on it. It was soft and fluffy and its back melted with my weight. I looked down and the sight sent chills down my spine. The Frog was at the peak of a cliff. Any inch further, then I am looking at a steep canyon, of which, I have no idea of the depth of. There were further tiny rocks down its steep path. I didn't falter. I sat there and looked ahead. An array of trees gradually started to dance. By dance, I don't mean sway with the wind. This was literal dancing. It danced and danced. At one point, it jumped off from it's roots and came back to it. The complete laws of physics had been thrown down the drain. I could say, they motivated me. But now I wanted to dance too. I got up on Froggy - that's what I named him now. I was tensed, I might fall. 

"Don't jump Froggy", I said.

With a whip of will power, I got up on it and stood like the Lion King. For the first time after so long, I felt alive. I was being 'Me'. That feeling was good. All the negativity just vanished. POP! Just like that. The mind was clear. It was all about you and your optimism and your goodness for the world. All the trees started glowing and the green became fluorescent. The sky was not visible as such. The fog started growing around and surrounding me. For a distant person, it might seem like I was a filament of a huge bulb. Doesn't matter. I didn't even care.

What would be lying down the slope? 

I heard minute footsteps approaching. 

"Wish we had brought my selfie-stick, right?" It was Anson. He had a slight smile and he kept walking towards me with hands inside his pocket

"I knew you would come. I sensed it", I said.
"Really?", he asked.
"Nah. I just saw you coming", I said with a smirk.

I patted and sat on Froggy and got back to looking at the beyond. This time I wanted to get down the slope and witness the view from the edge of danger. Anson hesitated to let me go down. But I slowly crawled down just at the right time when it started to rain. "Darn it!" I took every step with great caution and kept moving down. The time seems to be dilated so much that a few seconds of that walk was so much distance covered. I looked back and I could see Anson and Froggy like an iota. But now I am at the verge of the mother nature. The dancing trees came walking towards me. Those tiny little rocks on the ground. It just got up and started floating in the air to create patterns. The violet colours became radiant. The cyan became Navy blue. The cloud. It was moving like high speed train. But it stopped when I wanted to. All this happening, when I am at the tip of my toes at the edge of a rock beyond which, I see no road a human can walk on. Was I afraid? You bet I was. I lighted up a second one to give me company. 

I gazed at the mist covered sky and I saw him - Hanumanji. He was holding his Gadha and bent forward directly in front of my head. He looked at me with a tiny smile. He was huge by any whale's standards. He had a great fascination for gold, I realised then. 

"I came to give you company", he said.

I only gave back a smile. Upon which he flew off like he usually does. Maybe to see other gazers out there. All the rain drops that were falling down. I was bothered that it touched my hair. I raised my fingers and to my surprise those million droplets became suspended in thin air (Neo, you amateur). I knocked one of them and it zoomed through the fog touching the other droplets. It was a game of water caroms and I would be the first guy to have played it.  It was getting dark by now. I started climbing back up. I couldn't see even a tiny little shrub. But still I could climb. Every minute details of the path which I went down, was crystal clear to me. It was like the brain was lit with a 1000V bulb after removing a 10V filament. 

I had to return to check up on my buddies, To see the path, Anson lit a cigarette lighter. OMG! Those were the words. That orangish flame grew up until the sky and the glow was much brighter than any torch I had seen. What the hell is happening? Everything is so amplified. Its not that I am happy. I feel awesome!

I entered the room and saw the leftover sandwich which I ate, on the dining table.

"What did we eat for breakfast? It tasted like rubber.", I asked Anson. He split the sandwich into two and I saw something dipped inside the honey-coated bread. "What is this?"

"Mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms!", he said.



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