Sew together the last pieces of memory you try to recollect just after a hangover. It's hard and impossible with the neck-wrenching pain that grips you from head to toe. The deteriorating fluid level drives the body to get through this phase. 

Major Aryan opens his eyes. He is surrounded by circuits of binary digits flashing past him. Getting past them is like piloting between asteroid belts. He realises he is not where he is supposed to be anymore. Memories start pouring information like a processor to him. He is inside - inside something. Physically he can't feel pain. But his mind is tied up to something which he is only trying to gauge now. He is inside BOSE...

(Year - somewhere in 2090's)

Every nation on the globe has technologically advanced their military capabilities, that any instance of physical warfare is now deemed obsolete. It's now a multi-polar world where no nation can win over the other. The only warfare possible now is digitally. As a result of battle-bound upgrades, a slew of concepts have turned reality, one of them being time-travel.

Nations face a situation of continuous threat simultaneously from multiple nations. Nations collaborate, war over others, then dissolve their alliance. Then a new array of alliance emerges. Cyclic, yet with different possible permutations. India, now faces a serious threat from US. US has long been trying to thwart China by using India as its outpost. When the US alternate hegemony didn't pave way, China found it's way into collaboration with India. China's intention is no different than that of US except that for the former, tapping into India's resources is pretty simple, considering the proximity. As India still reigns the globe for software innovations, its digital advancements are probably the best kept secret in the world now. 

BOSE was the brainchild of Professor Daksh, who worked for the Indian military. BOSE is a contained system, which can instantly transform a human into a living digital program and target the enemy servers seemingly anywhere, anytime. It could create multiple trajectories all at once. No physical damages, no wastage of resources. It's all behind the screens. It's virtually the only answer for global military omnipotence. The professor and his whereabouts have not been known since his invention came to light. The innovation of BOSE keeps India on the lookout of military interventions around the world. 

Major Aryan was the first voluntary specimen to activate BOSE and fire himself up as a software module. As part of a joint operation, India and China collaborated and created the first 'BOSEIN' - digital living human made up of binary codes. The Major was transformed as an application into a mobile phone, which was in turn under the watch of a Chinese soldier, who comprises the other one of the only two guys in this mission. The venture was to travel back in time to the year 1950, to dismantle the first computer that was capable of independent warfare - CODE. CODE had an algorithm based on Vedic mathematics which enabled its outdated hardware to function like a supercomputer of the current era. No one knows if it exists now or not. But it was what started it all - the war, the hysteria, the hatred that the current world feeds on. 

But the 'International Referendum on Time Propagation' regulates the time travel frequency by not allowing a person to a particular point in space-time, not more than once. Once gone and left, there is no coming back. The project takes off. The Major is now the handheld device of the Chinese soldier. 


Things look weird all around. Everything that exists there is light years behind in all aspects. Even the food is procured by agriculture. The future has perfected Bio-Sucture, creating environments where plants feed of humidity in atmosphere. A feeble ticking noise emerges gradually. The Soldier opens his bag and picks out a small package about the size of a AAA battery. He is receiving a command from the other end and it's not from the Joint Base, but from the Chinese TimePatrol alone, because that battery-like device is the portal to transcend time. He is taking his order. He clicks on the device and a bending of space-time occurs. Major Aryan can perceive what is happening around him through camera lens, but is helpless. His world is a lot different than the one he is trying to get into. In an instant the soldier vanishes along with the device leaving the only BOSEIN back... Back in time where the human race hasn't even invented the first mobile phone.

The Major had a mission and now he has two. With the one he came for, being much trivial than the one he is being held up at this very moment. But he has to bypass them all before his battery runs out...!

(Watch out for Part-2!)


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