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Welcome 2015!

It's been a great year. People generally would say life is full of hills and valleys. But let's keep all the negativity aside. A lot of us might have gained or lost something. But all expectations which are due are meant to be the sweetest. For me as a writer, I feel contended that I managed to push my blogging to a third year. Phew! 

Life passes through, like you were on morphine and when you stop for a moment to look back at what just happened, it all seems like a short movie. You tend to recollect only the prime plots and forget the obvious. I had been on a visit to meet a childhood friend of mine at Alapuzha/Aleppey (If I may). It was a short unexpected detour. Why in particular I mentioned this journey was because, I got to touch a cricket bat after seven years. For some odd reason, I lost interest in the game. I deleted the entire system of the game's technicalities from the 'sports centre' of my brain. Or so I thought.

One of my friends works as a curator at the BCCI-approved cricket pitch here. So, using the club's facilities was more of authority than sneaking in. It was impressive to see howmany parents came to willfully drop their kids at the club encouraging them to learn this 'fake national sport'. Children seem to get the better off of things after each generation. But still nothing is enough for anyone. My childhood engulfed during the school days was surrounded by loads of books covering my desk and winged books hovering in my dreams. Words, verses, wars, tectonic plates. Things could get berserk. A relief from all this was a tiring yet sound game of cricket. Pre-approved permission from home was a necessity. Studies first, food secondary, sports tertiary. Things have changed now, Parents these days have transcended to a phase, where they know Cricket is meant to be a serious profession. I don't blame them. Look at the endorsements these sports guys get. Our people won't use a salty toothpaste unless Sachin says it's kicks the ass out of your plaques. Like the bankers say - there is lots of money to be made in this world, people.

I don't know if I would have loved cricket as a profession. I am past that age now. Sports for recreation - I am all for it. I entered the netted indoor pitch to grab a cricket bat. I was a little panicked to face that large chunk of a cork ball which came jetting towards me. Its been a really long time I had even set foot in a cricket court. The only reason I enjoyed watching cricket was because, my dad was a person who wouldn't mind filling the religion column in my SSLC certificate to 'Cricket'. Basically, I have never liked the game. The sole reason being, that it's insanely time-consuming. In India it's ok. It works. In a nation where movies cross 3-hour mark, government takes months to issue a passport, you can afford to waste your precious time on this. But, what's impressive, is that the moment I took that cricket bat in my hands and stood in front of the wicket, I felt a passion surging. This was the kind of emotion I grew up with. Sachin, Ganguly and Kumble all donned by room as posters and trump cards. It all came back to me again. Its an acquired character for us Indians - no matter howmuch you dislike the game, you will be a natural at it. 

It was a good feeling. Other than a swelling on my feet and having sore fingers, I was well off. I would like to keep an open mind and say that although I don't know all the players of the Indian cricket team, I would love to have played sometime time on the ground that day. Cricket gives you the option to do a handful of things - bat, ball, field, or guard the damn wicket. Players need multi-talented skill set much like actors who apply to Bollywood. 

'Haters gonna hate'. Still, I would prefer taking my Carlton racket and darting across the rectangular box enjoying the indoor a/c, than sweat hours for a game, where one person throws the ball and the other person whacks it out. Like the veteran Malayalam comedian Jagathy once said, "If you are hitting the ball out, then why are you throwing it in the first place?!" (Approximate Translation)

Once, again have a Happy New Year folks!



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