An Inter-Dimensional Love Story a.k.a Interstellar

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Yes! I saw it... And No! I didn't understand everything Mr. Nolan threw at the screen.

The day that two minute trailer released worldwide, I knew I could watch just the trailer alone all day. And it's a Nolan - The Kubrick of this generation. But... (And yeah there is a but), the bullet didn't exactly hit the target. It ricocheted and hit the nearby melon which was alright, but not good enough.

I entered the cinema with the urge to blast into some unknown galaxy. I admire any possibility there exists of inter galactic travel because, I personally believe that someday our race would abandon this planet out of depletion of resources that happened due to the unending greed. That is, in a realisable future where atleast warp drives do exist. But Nolan's story is taking place in a not so distant future where the only way to transcend galaxy was to chance upon a wormhole. Fine!

Let me start with my review...

It was bits of emotion, splashes of science trivia and some characters that came just to be killed off. George Martin might have been there around. Since the movie opened, it's easily recognisable that Mathew's son is the least important character and nobody gives a damn about whether he exists or not. Probably he should have been killed off too. It is understandable because, he eventually grows up to be the dumbass that happens to live in the middle of a field infested with sandstorms. Mathew's daughter on the other hand is (for obvious reasons) an exceptional genius that happens to live inside a room with a ghost, eventhough she is a little girl and doesn't even care to move out for heaven's sake. Fake feminism in the making. For some unknown reason, Mathew/The Astronaut Farmer doesn't believe ghosts exist but is convinced that the coordinates of a secret location are coded message send by fifth dimensional aliens. Man... talk about double standards

I do understand a farmer's urge to enjoy vacation through space. But, his team mates are the least inspiring ever. One, Wes Bentley - the guy who objects to everything the hero says (as with any closed space thriller), a bearded genius who takes hero's side and a woman put there to irrationally balance the sex ratio. If Nolan likes a crew he takes them along and I loved watching Anne on the screen - A scientist equally dumb and beautiful. A scientist that feels let's shed years of research knowledge I gained and opt for Edmund's planet only because of L-O-V-E. Woah! If it was not for Hans Zimmer's music I would have gone out for a snack break. 

Now, there are many unanswered questions all the way along the movie. Well, I am no astro-genius. But I tried hard to keep listening to not miss any single line. But, that job was no peanuts. On top of it the Bihar-wallas who were smirking in between. I literally clapped when I saw Matt Damon on the screen. This was no crime movie, and I don't know what motivated him to take up Mann's role. But the general apprehension was where the hell was he going after stealing the spacecraft?! Well... That might be the crime part.

Mathew and Anne and that robot which easily looks like its been lifted off a 60's movie prop. Even the Bicentennial Man would have fared well in looks. Mathew does the ultimate sacrifice while nearing Gargantua, to use the gravity to slingshot them around it. Behold! Mathew drops into the black hole. I wanted to believe that Nolan didn't do that crime of a movie in the script. I really wanted to. But out of all the things that I could suspend my belief to, this one was unacceptable. A black hole, in any way would have stretched him like a rubber band due to the immense gravity and eventually made him snap. But there you see this guy floating behind his library, back on earth. No elongation, No gravity pressure. No psychosis. Nothing. Time to enjoy Zero-G back on the planet, I say.

In anycase let's assume that Mathew had infinite time inside that portal within the black hole. I am sure this farmer would have had a pretty good idea why he went to the secret NASA bunker in the first place (Because, he saw some binary signs on the floor). If Cooper knew that he would see the sign and go there, then why did he make those signs in the first place to show it to his past self. Damn it Cooper. You could really use that joint from Kumar. On the final run, grown up and beautiful Murph rushes back to her library to look for the one clue to solve the equation. She notices the Morse coded message on the watch's second hand sent by her father. She magically figures out that that's her father doing this. She already transcended one dimension higher and that dimension would be stupidity. Now, she walks and sits in the room and solves the coded equation which her dad transmits. But all this is taking place at the backdrop of a huge wildfire and duststorm in her field, which everyone was trying to escape for their lives. Am I being weird or is this what actually happened?!

Honest fan's voice...

Setting aside the monochromatic 'Following', Nolan's movies haven't failed to spark curiosity. This movie was no different. Nolan's intricate reciprocation of the idea of an interstellar travel alone is enough to keep you wanting for more. After all these years since '2001: A Space Odyssey', I needed a movie with this plotline albeit in an engaging manner. And that's where Nolan delivered. He simply took a common idea and added human elements to it. The concept of time dilation was well thought out and executed. Executed! Yeah, that's the word I was looking for. Nolan is versatile at execution and that's why you fail to notice some of the flaws in the script at first. Because, he lays down all the subplots at different points in the movie and finally adds all of them together at the end. And along with Zimmer's touch, it creates a revelation explosion. That's what he did with Insomnia, that's what he did with The Prestige. That's what he did with The Batman series and most notably (also my favourite)... Inception. Keeping aside all the inherent drawbacks in the movie, Nolan is without doubt one of my most admired and inspired director-cum-writer. 

Its time Nolan did something on a Time-Travel level.


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    Hope all the forums helped you to understand the movie better..!! As you didn't believe when I told he was inside the black hole..

  2. Yes... Thats why I mentioned that I couldn't digest the black hole part at first... Thanks to help from a genius friend!



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