Future Without A 'Price'

(Image taken from The Venus Project)

9:00 am!

The time reads on an electronic screen at a corner of the bedroom. The screen slowly comes wheeling towards the bed and as it does it expands itself, wholly developing arms and legs. Its a Humanoid Robot and it wakes up the twelve year old boy sleeping on the bed. It speaks up. "Tom, the sun has been risen for 3 hours"

Tom rises up and walks towards the bathroom for his morning shower. Its time for school and the classes might have begun. He jumps downs the stairs to leave for school. He isn't carrying anything other than a silicated palmpad which somehow houses a screen.

"Have your breakfast, Tom", his mom shouts out.
"Will have at school Ma"

Tom runs towards a monorail stop in the center of his town. Much of his home is surrounded by a variety of plants and animals coexisting in the same environment. Infact all the houses in this zone are constructed in between lushes of trees and there is a common waterway that connects these houses. Some kids have taken hoverboats to reach the Rail-halt. Inspite of all the hurry, Tom preferred to run today. 

The monorial is a single cable around which rails move in opposite directions. The cable is connected straight to the heart of the city on a straight line. The whole district is designed as a circle with its main automated control system located in the Central Dome. From the dome concentric circles of building radiate. Each circular belt is allocated to a particular purpose and there are a total of 12 connected to each Dome's main system. Tom's house lies in the Tenth Belt and his school is all the way uptil the Second Belt. But it doesn't matter as the technology today brings the passengers within minutes to the destination. Each belt is clearly visible through the LED window panels of the train as it passes each zone.

It was imperative that Tom was not late, as the teacher entered the class along with him. She didn't look anything older than 30. Teachers are not paid to do what they do. They simply volunteer on a time-allotted basis. She has a humble charm which gave an impression that anything she knew was not known to her alone. It is also her first class and Tom is one of her new students. After a few minutes of introduction, she began the subject. She didn't have any chalk. Neither was there any black or green board in the class. Instead there was a semicircular glass dome in the center of the room.

"Today, you will be learning 'Extinct Subjects'", she began. "The current session is Economics. You will be learning a new term - 'Money'". As she spoke the central dome showed a holographic image of a generation-old paper currency. The students looked at it with as much curiosity as observing a Mammoth fossil.

"This was what our forefathers used to get things done in our world. People woke up every morning, with the sole thought of money. People worshiped it more than anything else on this planet. People hated it and romanced it at the same time. Unlike our resource-economy today, the old economy was based on the transaction of this money. It came in different forms. You had to pay money to get something in this world. There was greed, scarcity, poverty and war all for the gain of this very invention of humans." The dome simultaneously showed images of people suffering, rockets storming the cities and people polluting the marine. "The entire population of this world were controlled by an organisation known as The Government. There were laws to govern the citizens. The land, water and even air were divided into nations. All these nations worked with money. We used primitive resources like oil and hydrocarbons for accessing energy. The resources were controlled by an elite group called The Rich, for their gain of money or in other words 'Profit'. Another term to take note of."

Huck, a curious student and friend of Tom jumped up and asked, "You are saying, we had to give something to get something in return?!"
"Precisely", she affirmed. After covering more topics, the teacher's session came to an end. "The next sessions of 'Extinct Subjects' will be shown by the dome". The dome listed subjects in the order - Religion, Politics, & Banking.

The sessions lasted a couple of hours. Tom and Huck went to fill their empty stomach. The school was in essence a part of The University, in the center of which there was a huge mall. They entered the mall and along with them, came an automated robot for assistance. The robot picked all the food items they pointed at from the mall. There is anything here that humans possibly needed to survive even during the time of an apocalypse. No one 'paid' anything to get what they want. Infact, it was irrelevant. The resources, goods and services are so abundant that selling any of these was ridiculous. No one guarded anything neither did they own anything. There was no Police, no Laws and no Army. Tom and Huck went to board the monorail back home. The 'Shopbot' carried their things until the monorail station.

"Don't you think it was strange that we once used oil for deriving energy?", Tom asked Huck.
"My dad said that the greed to attain more 'Money' made them do so. They did it until they plundered the last reserve of oil on Paradise", replied Huck. Earth was also referred to as 'Paradise'.

On the way back home, Tom was thinking about a totally different world which existed way back in time. He began to doubt the otherside of his species. How foolish humans became. The ones who should have been protectors of Paradise preyed upon it. He walked over a bridge upon his community lake and some cougars came running towards him. He gave them some food which he got from the mall and fed them. Before dark, Tom wanted to reach home. Not that it mattered, because, there is literally no darkness here. The energy supply is so abundant now that the ones produced from geothermal sources alone, is more than 1000 times the actual need.

"Ah! There you are son", Tom's father asked him, as he walked inside. "I was about to leave to the City Center to get a fishing rod. I want to get one for you too. Come join me"

A journey back to the City Center was no concern as it was in the First Belt and could be reached by monorail again. The City Center was sprawling with activities. There were no residential plots, instead it was bustling with research centers, shopping malls and hovercars. What was much of Newcastle upon Tyne, has now been re-engineered scientifically to accommodate the flow of river Tyne. At the other end of river, huge automated series of robots were constructing bridges without human intervention. It would be completed normally within a week. Tom's father took him inside the hardware center and took two fishing rods.

"Dad, what's a Government?" Tom asked.
His father laughed out his son's new-found inquisitiveness. "It was an unsuccessful attempt by humans to divide and maintain order among our species"
"Why was it necessary?"
"There were a set of rules based upon which humans should live. And The Government was meant to impose them"
"There were rules like in computer program?" Tom was shocked to realise men were not much different from robots back then.
"Much similar. Expect that humans were confined and tortured if they broke this 'Law'.
"Then how did we reach this stage from there?"
"Just like any flawed system in our Universe, this also stopped working on its own. It just collapsed and imploded. People realised the need for fighting led to extinction of life as they knew it. Then society started re-inventing itself and became based on science. Or truth as we call it. The advancement of robotics freed humans from labour."
"Dad, do we have a government now?"
His father looked at him with a smile of pride. He walked to CenterPoint of the City. There was a huge holographic earth about the radius of Big Ben rotating in its very middle. The earth was surrounded by a series of circular supercomputers that produced real-time information about the planet. People were standing abuzz and accessing information through the computers. Tom's father pointed towards the holograph and told him

"Son, that's your Government"

"The day will come when the system we fight for, to keep it alive, will self destruct. This will render the word 'Money' obsolete and along with it will vanish the terms like 'Banks', 'Religion', and 'Scarcity'. And that would be when we as a species will reveal to ourselves that no political opinion, no profit, no God is worth more than the price we pay to exploit our Mother Earth which gave us life in the first place"

- An average citizen of Earth

(Cues taken from The Venus Project)


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