The Lost Hero

See the man above. What does his first sight remind you of? Terror? Purge? BMW's front grille? This frowned expression has invited various thoughts on his reign, and majority of them states the obvious - that he was a heartless totalitarian. But, I beg to differ. How far can history be true, depends on the people who wrote the history. And history is written by the people who win. That leaves lots of facts to be manipulated and the then unborn like us to re-think over them. As being a person who admired Hitler's determination, myself, I felt that it's in World War enthusiasts' interests, that I should write this article.

A fragrant rainy afternoon. I was having chai by the town's popular tea-stall in my hometown with my brother-in-law, where I happen to strike an interesting conversation. It all just started while discussing George Orwell's 1984. It's not surprising to find how the topic from 1984 could sling to the World Wars. My brother is an avid reader and enjoys researching on literature. He raised his tea cup and shoved it away from the leaking asbestos roof of the shop,

"Have you read 'Khasakkinte Itihasam' (The Legend Of Khasakk)?" he said rather casually and simultaneously sipping his hot tea.
I blew the smoke from my cigarette into the cold air to gauge its density. "No. Haven't heard of that author"
"Khasakk is not the author. It was written by O.V.Vijayan", my brother corrected me with a facial expression that meant - "Kids these days..."
"Yeah. I have heard of him. But I am not familiar with the book", I replied so as to regain my reputation which was lost a few seconds before.
"In that particular book, the author talks about a school which was run by a single-teacher, in a remote village of pre-independent Kerala...", he enthusiastically elaborated.
"Is it?" I paid attention praying that I wouldn't be deemed ignorant in his next question.
"Yes. Apparently there were such schools back in the old days, because, it was expensive to hire many teachers", he continued. "Vijayan clearly depicts the school building and writes that there was a photo of Hitler hung on one of its walls"
Now there was some new infromation pouring in.
"Why Hitler?" I asked.
"Exactly! I was equally curious when I read the book. So, I contacted one of my friends who was versatile in the subject of Literature. Still both of us couldn't figure it out".
"Maybe because, the teacher in the story admired Hitler", I said.
"But Why? Who in their right mind during 1940's would like Hitler for no reason?!"
"So did you find out why?"
"Yes we did. And the reveal might surprise you."
"How?" I asked. Now he touched my curiosity nerve.
"A few weeks after our conversation my friend happened to arrange the address of the then late O.V. Vijayan's sister - O.V.Usha. Without delay, we followed the address and reached her home. An old lady with a slight hunch. She asked us to sit down. We stated conversing and finally threw this question at her - 'Why Hitler's photo?' For a lady of her age, she did have a remarkable memory", my brother said, showing his surprise on his raised eyebrows. "She said - 'Believe it or not, Hitler was a hero in India during the 1940's. During the second World War, when Hitler crushed the British Empire, people in India were throwing garlands and admiring Hitler's victory. He was hailed as the one man who could save India from the clutches of the Brits. Hopes raised all over the nation when we heard this news. We knew that no one could be as worse as the Brits'. The lady seemed full of energy while speaking and didn't show her age."

I was instantly taken aback. I was well aware that Hitler gave the Brits a run for their money during the war. But, I never had the enlightenment that, Indians hailed an Aryan as their saviour. For, if I had been born then, I would have been able to suck the pulse of my nation during those times. But this lady's words are leftover pieces of almost a century-old history. Neither my teachers nor did my outdated textbooks mention anything about the 'Fuhrer' of this sort. He was projected as an arrogant and greedy chancellor. Here, I also admired my brother's urge to find the truth on this.

Our generation would probably be the last to prove howmuch right or wrong is scribbled in our history books. It's true that Hitler purged masses. So did Stalin, so did Pol Pot, and so did Bush when he initiated the Iraq war. Its time we reconcile with our own conscience and look into the greater things he did.

Let history be glorious as well, not bloodshed alone.


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