The Elysium We Breed

Few days earlier, I stumbled upon one of my channels telecasting the movie Elysium. By now, probably the frequency of my movie fandom can be gauged. I do not wish to take that back. Movies are the prime source of story-telling medium in this era. Just like Tom Cruise said, when he compared age-old camp fire stories to the present day movies, he was stating the obvious. There are numerous movies being released each year, out of which a huge majority of them have a junk script. I, for one, would pick Elysium as an eye-opener. Neil Blompkamp comes as a promising writer, with reference to both his movies released until now. And as for Matt Damon, this guy deserves my silent applause. After acting in a string of Leftist movies, he comes off more as an activist than an actor.

A movie review is not my intention. Elysium was released last year and my late opinion on it is not going to curb the piracy in the movie industry. The cream of its theme is what needs to thought about.

The movie is set in a dystopian century where the class divide issues are vividly disturbing. It might seem difficult to imagine such a future. Or is it because we are too scared to admit the evident truth? How the world around us is changing, was not exactly what we had in mind when we had learned Moral Science in schools. The poverty, class system, ill healthcare system, border-crossing and corruption - all the situations portrayed in the movie are actually thriving around us at this moment, albeit in a minor scale. The rich and privileged have at all points in the history alienated themselves from the majority. That's the whole jist of class system as well - to create an invisible barrier among humans. It's only a matter of time when they would actually attain the 'Elyisum' status.

The basic concept of Capitalism is forcefully brewing to establish itself against time and tide. The sensible population of this world are gradually realising the obsolescence of this pathetic system. Illegal immigration have been there for as long as man started conquering borders. But who is to say that a particular land belongs to a particular group of people alone. The whole earth is my home and so it should be, to any animal born on this planet. Just like air and water, land is more than a constitutional right. It's a necessity. At this juncture, I want to halt and point my finger at the Nestle CEO's suggestion to privatise water as a commodity. My question to you sir - "Would you someday, even privatise thought?" Because, that's the only entity for us, as humans, which could restore peace upon this earth. So, don't stop thinking.

The pace with which our technology is conquering new knowledge is appreciable from a common man's viewpoint. But the downside is that new technology always paves way for the elite first. It's not far to imagine a day when an actual Elysium would be built in outer space and transform the Earth in to a rich man's wasteland. Signs of such activities are still prevailing. Look at Dubai. The first thing that comes to our minds is the skyscrapers and posh cars. But how this desert was transformed into a paradise was left out of the world's eyes. Thousands of workers toiled in the scorching heat to erect these malls for the tourists. There needs to be a change in our value system. Rather than praising the actors or sport-stars, our society must learn to appreciate the average people who do a lot to bring change into others lives. Every person's effort to better this place will count. 

The movie symbolically depicted how the working class people are only as important as robots. But whenever the dark side tries to take over, virtue alone triumphs. When movies today focus more on selling sex and marketing alcohol, the ones that make you think come as dime in a dozen. And such works deserve a thumbs-up! 

My vision of the future is simple. I wish to live in a world where things are actually called by what they should be called, rather than the company that makes them. I want to buy a shoe, not Adidas. I need to travel by a car, not a Bentley. I hope someday KFC would not be a synonym for chicken. I atleast need water as Water, and not Aquafina. We don't need economy. Its a myth. We need freedom. 


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