A 'Not-So-Amazing' Spidey!

Its been a while since I peeped into this public diary of mine. Enjoying the brief relief in Kerala which comes in the form of rains is my major pastime here. As part of everything I want to enjoy about Trivandrum, I thought I might as well exploit the cheap commodities available in this market. What's more value-for-money here than watching a movie. I was earnestly awaiting the release of Spiderman's latest installment to the series. 'May 1' - I used to chant for a month almost everyday. To experience a Hollywood movie in 3D, at the cinemas, for INR150 is a catch. So, out of nobody's surprise, I booked tickets for the late night show.

I entered the cinema along with my friends only to be a few minutes late. 'Doesn't matter', I thought, 'Remaining 2 hours would entice me'. And well, it didn't! The very beginning of the movie started with a 'duh!' note. Peter Parker is... ooops! (sorry)... Spidey is seen swinging around the city with his glue-coated ropes and catches a Russian crook with a nasty accent. This is followed by a wild goose-chase by the city's police in a buttload of cars - more cars than I have seen in any Tamil movie. Andrew Garfield might be the Spiderman for the 2010 generation kids. But this guy becomes increasingly unbearable as the movie progresses. To me, he is no way, as determined a Spiderman as Tobey Maguire exhibited. 

Peter was overly confident and his romance with Gwen Stacy was so much more indulging that his own character, that I began to presume this was more of a romantic comedy than a Sci-fi. The movie was very loosely scripted. It was as if the scriptwriter was bitten by a love-bug, the romance element is blended everywhere in the movie even when Spidey takes on the Electro. 

Electro out of no particular reason turns 'Electro' after he falls into a pool populated with electric eels. And that's how he evolves into the dreaded villain (who towards he climax was demolished easier than swatting a housefly). I am no Marine scientist, but I very well know that those many eels could have fried even his intestines!

Harry Osborn's initial entrance was something which would give you hope on how Green Goblin would turn out. No. No hope on that front either. Green Goblin was more like a depressed patient. While James Franco showed an avenging Goblin, Dane DeHaan's Goblin resembled zombies lifted straight out of a Resident Evil movie. 

I don't even want to get started on Gwen Stacy's situation. No spoiler alerts here. But Emma Stone was certainly a beauty to watch. The movie's final trailer made everyone including my friends look out for the Rhino. But no trace of him until the last five minutes of the movie. What a way to introduce villains?! 

After watching the Spiderman 2, suddenly the world seemed to look like a better place for me. Because, there was nothing that had happened to me that day which was worse than tolerating Peter Parker. Even the freakishly-expensive Lays at the cinemas sounded a lot better than the movie itself. This movie was a complete ruin of faith in the web-shooter's heroism. 

All-in-all, I was very disappointed with the movie and its cast, direction, acting, scripting and probably everything except the special effects. I would any day quote that Tobey's Spiderman series would be the most awesome movies. After all he made his own webs! Next time, I would not even take a rain check before plunging into this sort of hype. Adios Garfield!


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