Valentine's Law

After a short break, I am now back to my periodic business - blogging. It's Valentine's Day today and I am dedicating this post to someone special. While the world is bent upon the Sochi Olympics and pondering who would snatch the Academy Awards for this year, I didn't care to thumb too much attention on those affairs. What's got to come, will eventually come when its time is due. A Universal truth. Speaking of Universal truth, a few days before, I put my phone for charging when it was almost about to be 'dead'. At the very moment, I realised the same was about to happen to my laptop. Inorder to avoid the instant shutdown and eventually ruin my motherboard, I ran to plug my computer to the power inlet. Trust me when I say this and mind you, at no other time have I felt this sudden urge for detail more curiously than then, I decoded the bare of program of creation. Everything just worked in pairs!

No matter howmuch ever I tried to convince myself that it was a blasphemy, I was in vain. You simply just can't prove otherwise. Look around, all matter created by nature or man is meant to work in pairs. The nuts always needs its bolts to lock on to position. To open the door, the key has to be inserted into its dedicated hole. Waving the key in the air, is not going to pay off. A watch won't run without its rechargeable partner. That's the case for man-made objects. But even the basic process of reproduction works only in pairs. Quite pre-programmed is sex, when you imagine it! The Sun keeps the Earth within its balanced field so that it doesn't slip away or get too close to it. 

It would be obnoxious to say that pairing is literally not a form attraction. To put it in simple words, its just plain love. So, it would be against the law of nature to say that you hate something or someone, when everything you see around is the basic essence of love, in one form or the other. On this Valentine's Day, let it be a time for not loving only your loved ones, but to avoid the concept of hatred and ditch it down hell's road. We are always bombarded with examples and moral stories of how life would be perfect. All we need is to look around and draw inspiration.

Whenever I start to write, I sit down and think - Is the topic really relevant? Then, I recollect George Orwell's article, 'A Nice Cup Of Tea'. It taught me something very startling - If you love writing, then the topic is irrelevant!

Happy Valentines Day!


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