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"The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it"
-Karl Marx

I have always wondered, like most of us, what if we lived in a world without mobile phones, internet, fastfood, planes, medicated mattresses or any of the modern day technologies? What if we took ourselves millions of years before? You would have to walk to places. You would prefer prison, any day, over sleeping on Flintstones-like stone beds. Forget about meeting your buddies you met before at some random 'forest-pageant', for Skype didn't exist in the first place. 

The question should be - Would life have been less complicated then? Certainly, its all a matter of perception. We are now at this point where we have completely separated ourselves from rest of the animals on the planet and we ought to even more. 

I had a drive to find out why everything in this world evolves the way it should be. I mean, why isn't there dinosaurs now? Why was the computer not invented 300 years before? That way, Indians probably could have made the Revolt of 1857 successful (it doesn't hurt thinkng that way) . It all seems wonderful when we picture these achievements as it happened like a popped-up mushroom. But the simple answer is that change is gradual and every element in this universe is connected. We might argue why change can't be instant. No, it can't be and more obviously, it shouldn't be. Because, if the entire world started changing instantly, everything would be a chaos. There would be ultimate havoc from sub atomic level, building upto the surface. Bonds would rupture faster than a water balloon. BOOM!

We could calm down now. Fortunately, the world is not designed that way, unless we force it to be. The Universe has its own pace of things. I am not being philosophical. Imagine, while drying your clothes, neither a heavy nor light wind would help. But, at some point, a pleasant mediocre breeze would come flowing, do its job and carry on. Impressive, how the world has its own tune, its own rhythm for things. So, when the world keeps things toned down, why do we as humans rush into things? The world itself doesn't propose a deadline. Then why do we keep flaunting one?

The planet is not owned by anyone. Economics, politics and wars were invented by man. If we could take a moment to realize that, paradise would be reborn here, for all of mankind. Not for just a few.


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