Mommy, I wanna fly!

If you were a 90s kid like me, this poster would have got you hopping on your toes by now. Sadly, as we all know, there is no hoverboard coming out in the near future. The Back To The Future trilogy was a class apart and its Sci-fi concepts could rival any movie released even today. Even after three decades the movie has been screened, it still doesn't fail to impress us. I, as a kid, always wanted one of those hoverboards for myself. I mean who wouldn't. Considering the 'cool' factor and the levitation possibilities, the traditional skateboard would be a stone age junk. 

On this context, I would like to ask the scientific community - "Where the hell is my hoverboard?" I am not a kid anymore. But I still wouldn't mind floating on it all day, if I was offered one. We come up with some of the nastiest inventions like Flask Tie and Baby Mops, but our imaginations couldn't recreate the sci-fi goodies. 

Dedicating this to the new-gen kids, I came up with a list of 5 technologies, I would love to see in the future. I mean the very near future. 

1. Hoverboards (Of course!) - Come on. How hard is it to figure out to make this one? All you need is a pressure-controlled leaf blower

2. Toy Soldiers - Who would want a dummy soldier when you have advanced AI robotics and voice-assistance technologies today

3. Auto-fastening Shoes - Like the ones in Back To The Future Part 2. With these available in the market, kids wouldn't bother their moms to tie their laces

4. Light-sabers - A safe version of this would definitely be appealing. Probably, there would be a saber-duel competition in school later on

5. Holographic movies - This is the year 2013 and holograms in our homes is limited to only photos. Seriously, science, stop boring me just like our 3D movies! 

My list is very short. But with millions of engineers spread around the globe, I hope atleast one genius finds time to develop any of the above.

Stop innovating weapons and market science to kids!


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