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Its politically a re-evolution for India at the moment. Atleast, the general public feels so. Congress was heavily crushed like a scrape yard junk during the recent elections and Kejriwal's AAP took the throne. New agendas and new promises by the new party. But are their actions even worth their campaign tokens? Only time can prove it.

Whenever a party takes power in India, people have been tuned to the curse of monotony. It would be either Congress (with a zillion versions of it, filling each letter of the English alphabet) or BJP (again, the same, with more abbreviations) or some other local sangh. And as with everything else in India including the movie industry, politics also trickles down as a family business. I don't know if Kejriwal's children have been allocated positions in the party's will or even AAP would last that long. Kejriwal might have the best of intentions. I don't mean any offense to him on that because, I am at no liberty to question his efforts. And I do believe, he must be given due time to execute his official measures.

The core issue with the Indian politics lies in the very fact that it is 'politics'. It is meant to have sudden upheavals in its due course and people will use all means possible to maintain the system. A large chunk of our politics is mostly based on some form of religion or stone-age social ideology. This very belief system has to be kicked off from the country. The politics itself has to evolve into something that constantly changes because, lets admit it, nothing is permanent in this world. Why can't a new party arise that bases its ideology on scientific principles? The notion of science is meant to change and is always open to questioning. This is the real democracy. This could be the real free thinking system that could propel India.

I am not placing my cards for a radical change in the nation. Kejriwal is like an icon of political zeitgeist in India now and people have high hopes on what he is going to do next. From breaking a promise, that he would refrain from allying with Congress to booking a 5-star bedroom complex, he is acting just like any Indian politician so far. I hope Kejriwal rises up as a man of his words and does not tarnish his idealist image. Afterall truth only triumphs.



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