Illusion Of Time

This is probably one of my most philosophical posts. Not that I am intending to come off so strong. Neither am I trying too hard on that prospect. I was taking a stroll on my terrace smoking a cigarette when I gazed at the night sky. Of course, its not me standing up there in the photo. It's symbolic. The fumes emanating from within me all swept upwards into the unknown. Unaware as to where it will end up and which tree becomes part of the cycle. 

Just a humble glance into the sky made me feel that life in itself was simply impressive as a whole. We are just an iota in this Universe seeking answers throughout our existence. But when the star studded skies keeps floating, I began to doubt our very finite existence in this infinite world. Irony smiles like a devil. Its haughtiness is tied to the fact that no matter howmuch ever we keep chasing truth, some of it always lies hidden from us. The starlight that we envision during night are in fact light emitted millions of years ago, probably much earlier than the arrival of our species on this planet. So, aren't we, looking into our past? The Night is a plausible Time Machine. Time maybe is just an illusion which we are trying to perpetuate as reality. 

As much as ridiculous it may sound, we are the progenies of a star somewhere in this galaxy, that would remain a mystery. The minute atoms and subatomic particles that made us, might have had come from the dinosaurs, that once roamed the earth. We are merely just a reincarnation. The very molecules that made up Aristotle, Newton and Chanakya thrives inside us. Then, we as a living being are related with all other species in this planet, irrespective of our bloodlines. We breathe the same air that connects us all. The beauty of origins is so surprising as much as its mystery.

I have always been an ardent admirer of Science. It still wouldn't change me if I thought things differently. Maybe our lineage is all part of something greater than what our limited dimensional mind can devour. The time and matter all exists in such a manner so as to mock at us. Someday a portal would open and gulp us into it. That way we would be able to actually perceive reality. Afterall, Science originates from a hypothesis, doesn't it?


  1. Kudos! Nice question to end, which i think can originate as another blog..

  2. Thank you Akshay... I believe you must watch this space for its follow-up article



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