Game Of Ads

I was sitting in front of my laptop wondering what could I write next. The task didn't seem difficult at all when you have a media that works without a brain. I switched on the TV and suddenly an Ad appeared, which shouted,

"Take a loan and be closer to your family"

I am pretty sure that my face might have resembled an exclaimed Daffy Duck. I am not the least interested in stating which firm that belonged to. Sure, I wouldn't mind being closer with my family. But taking a loan for buying them out seems quite extravagant especially when my relatives keep pestering me to save money. And what logic has loans got to do with family?

Our Ad culture encourages us to stay even fairer, eat more chocolates, drink more Pepsi or have more sex. Its always the 'more' factor. I won't blame the companies that market their products. They are just following Adam Smith's law - more the demand, more the supply and hence more the profit. After all why should you care what you sell or nonetheless, the quality of what you sell. Consumerism is the actual bait and we all fall for it without realising whose needs we are ultimately serving.

Advertisements are not meant to be honest. Its the genetic code inside it. If all Ads gave due reputation to their products, then our television would be preaching, "eat sweets and invite diabetes" or "wear this deo and still nobody is going to sleep with you" or "borrow loan from us and plunge into even more debt because, you are never going to pay it off with our damn interest rates".

Its degrading, but its hard to believe that we bred a society that encourages us to buy stake even in relationships.


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