Poke or Lick?

Ok, let's admit it - our foods inspire us. The more the elements in your food, the more colourful your life seems to be. Of all the dishes around the world, the Indian food is not just a means to give orgasm to your tastebuds. Rather, it shows a way of our life. The very spices we sprinkle on our foods, mirrors the way way our country smells. Hmmm... 'Spice-licious'!

Any person you meet other than an Indian, directly relates you with some form of cookbook. Sure, there are chinese foods out there. But, now its just a cliched form of fast food. And who would want that Wasabi sauce lingering around their plate?! 

Inspite of the popularity we have for our culture and our foods, we Indians are the last people to admire it. I mentioned this because, the other day when I visited an Indian restaurant, I saw my friend and his wife dining. Before I called his attention, I noticed something odd about the couple. The guy was fine and mentally stable. But his lady seemed kind of uptight. Wanna know why? Simply because, she was eating a Masala Dosa with a fork and knife! I mean, howmuch more insecure could she get? She was not even comfortable with the manner she eats. And what's there in a plate of Masala Dosa that you would want to rip apart and plunge in? 

This is not just about that insecure lady. These days, the 'below-50-IQ-Indian-youth' projects fork and knife as a show of some imaginary status. God knows from where people get these thoughts. I get it, if people fancy the idea of fork-munching. It would make much sense if that fork was used to eat something like a steak or rib. But, embrace the way Indian food is prepared. It's all so neatly and precisely done so that the eater doesn't need to take the heavy work. Your work was previously outsourced, I say. It's all in the economics and labour management, and we sorted this all out ages ago. Besides, the Indian etiquette of dining with hands signifies another notion - the five fingers denotes the five elements of our world. How is that for a concept?

I would like to end this note with a fictional conversation between two people

A fund-raising event was hosted in a luxury hotel. Officials from different nations were attending the event. Dinner was served. An Indian IAS officer was also attending the event and as a casual state of affairs, he sat down to eat with his hands. Watching him, an American lady civil service officer asked,

"Eating with your hands is filthy. Why don't you use a fork and knife?" 

To which, our Indian replied, "Atleast, my hands have always been inside only my mouth, unlike your fork and knife"

This is not a joke. Because... the joke would be on YOU!


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