The unexpected mate!

Everything was perfect and to be set in motion when I was boarding my flight to England. Wait a minute! Did I say perfect. No no no... it would be almost perfect. Well, a little far from perfect.

I had packed by bags in a day's time when I heard my visa was ready. I didn't waste much time loitering around with my friends either. But, just to be the sporty dude, I did something horrible the previous night - I decided to treat my friends for dinner at a restaurant. All went fine. Everyone ordered loads of food to cramp the table and committed one of the seven sins that night (I don't know what you are thinking, but I meant 'gluttony'). Little did I realise what I ate was something much more than seen on the plate. I totally forgot the fact that I am dining from a restaurant in Kerala. 

Soon after I reached home, I could hear growling voices. At first, I thought it someone turned on National Geographic channel. Nopes. It was my goddamn stomach. I was shocked down my pants. I had to board a flight in few hours, and travel all the way to England including a transit in Dubai and a 7-hour long journey to the destination thereafter. I am doomed. Just when I started to think, what could go wrong. I bothered not to tell my parents. I know how itchy they can get in the last minute. "Re-schedule the flight!", they would say. No, I am not doing that. As a matter of fact, I already did that once before, out of my 'sup dude' attitude. Fuck me.

I bid emotional farewell to my parents and friends. But that was the least of my worries at the moment. Any moment, I would lose control on my muscles. I checked in my luggage and just as I was about to sit down, I heard the nature's ringtone. I flew to the nearest loo and puked like a pricked water balloon. I repeated the process more than thrice swearing the last night's chef all the way. I needed some motivation.

I was a bit relieved when I boarded the plane and melted into the comfy seats. The pilot was reading some technical poetry and the cabin crew was presenting a mime-show, both of which I hardly cared to notice. As, the flight took off, I was looking at the airsickness bag in front of me and wondered I would never have to use it (humiliating isn't it). Fate instantly struck me with its magic wand of irony again and before even the rear wheels of the plane levitated, there came that ringtone again. I had no choice but to take that bag and do it! Fuck the humiliation. I scared my adjacent passenger off to some other vacant seat. "What the hell I got my own personal bed inside the flight, without a premium fee", I thought.

The entire journey was like a disaster movie. It was only when I landed in Dubai after three hours, I could get a halt on it. And after a sip of cold beer, I was good to go. Sometimes, the most unnoticed things turn useful to you at the unexpected of times. I had traveled many times by air, but never thought that an air sickness bag would save my ass. If it wasn't for that little piece of paper, I would have ruined the plane for many tourists, probably you being one among them. 

As a word of warning, try not to take Indian restaurants for granted. Our cleanliness remains at the most inside our homes and Vedas. Look at our hospitals for crying out loud!


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