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Over. That's how easily we can describe photography these days. I mean how much more easier could it get? The only way it could be, is by capturing photos using your mind. But that's a far fetched idea and humanity has even bigger problems to deal with.

I remember back in the days when I considered camera still as a luxury. I used to borrow my uncle's camera when I was a kid, whenever I needed one. It was a tedious process all the way from running to his house and finally to see what I had captured, the camera film had to be taken to a studio. Taking every photo itself was a challenge. I didn't want to waste the roll in my film for the sake of a tainted picture. When the photo was finally printed, it brought a sense of admiration to my mind. What happened to those times, when people did things out of passion rather than for the sake of doing it?

Our technology has spawned a new era of artists and they even contributed to the addition of useless words like 'selfie' to the English language; as if the current vocabulary wasn't satisfying enough. Every point in our lives now is dedicated to announcing it to the world through photos. I can bear with the fact that people want to digitize their entire lives, but what interests me is that I never realised so many people had a talent for photography until they bought a camera (probably neither did they). Buy an SLR and launch your Facebook group with your initials. Then keep posting photos of your toe-nail, hairbrush or your half-eaten bread, along with some great quotes from the internet. Hey presto! You've have finally advertised your hobby to the world and got a fan-base following! Not to mention the 'likes' you keep counting.

I don't mean to offend the people who actually have a talent for photography. But many of us would agree that most of these 'photos' posted are actually worth less than dog biscuits. Photos are an expression of your heart's connection with the nature. If you don't take it with passion, the flaw will be reflected on your photos. 

PS: Damn you auto-correct! 'Selfie' is an actual word now. 


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