Alcoholic version of 'Aniyathipravu'

For the people of Kerala in particular

(Not a spoiler alert. I just want to skim out the readers on this one)

A few weeks before, I happened to commit one of the gravest mistakes of that month. I watched the recently released Malayalam movie 'Honey-Bee' and what was even worse, I paid for the tickets!

I don't mean to offend any blindfolded followers of the so-called 'New-Gen' movies here. But, I am expressing my views in our theoretically free India!

When I sat with my tiring my butt on that torn off seat in the cinema for 3 hours, I had only one thought - To be entertained. For majority of the people in our country, seemingly, movies are the prime source of entertainment. Unlike elsewhere, people tend to go rafting, jump off a cliff, sky dive or escape from snapping your head off from an alligator's jaws! The fact is that India is the place where you get to do all this with revelation and cheapness. Still our citizens prefer having a sip of beer and crawling to nearby cinema and easing off in the air-cooled atmosphere.

Ok, I drifted away a little. Well, what surprised me during the session was how far our movies have transformed. The entire movie had just one theme - Getting high. I wouldn't blame my younger generation even if they start their high school carrying dope in their pencil boxes. Because, this is what our media preaches to them. 

Our culture and trend is going through a phase of rampant American Imitation. Much more important is that its a very cheap imitation. We take the path of Hollywood to fool the people with the tag of 'trend-setting' movies. Our people don't live in a localised village anymore. Any trace of western inspiration in our movies is easily noticeable.

Dear Indian movie makers, suck it up and start making movies with quality because, quality lasts. Need a example? 'Traffic' - A classic and insiprational work. If we need to enjoy Hollywood movies we have Hollywood. We don't need to do Hindi, Tamil or Malayalam voice-overs.

On the contrary, Honey-Bee never felt like a Hollywood imitation. What's funny is that it seemed more like it was inspired from a yesteryear Malayalam movie - 'Aniyathipravu'. The same thread, but only here the characters were more on the subconscious side (if you know what I mean!)


  1. hehehehe... alchoholic version of ANIYATHIPRAAAV!! d perfect caption!!!



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