Oh doctor! I mean dentist?

"Sister, the cow horn..."
The doctor said with panic.
"And... the mouth-mirror. Quick quick."
He was fretting even more and venting his frustration at the two sisters assisting him.

I laid on the retractable bed and watched the clear droplets of water gently pouring down on the window outside. All that fell on the glass dripped down. How impressive it was - Gravity!

Several thoughts came to my mind. In fact, I made them come, to deviate from my present state of affairs. My mouth was wide open. I knew perfectly well what was going on inside. I could feel it. I could feel the cow horns, mouth mirrors, forceps all digging every corner inside my mouth. But I couldn't sense the pain. I was drugged.

I had been under surgery for more than 3 hours (something which the doctor promised wouldn't take more than an hour). I wouldn't blame him. He was a well-reputed dentist. As I was feeling the metal cling of the instruments knocking on my teeth, I realised that doing something that complicated within a limited space is really rocket science.

Why aren't dentists given due credit like the rest of medical intelligentsia?

Quite a precarious situation in our nation or probably around the globe - the vivid distinction between Medical and Dental sciences! Ironically, dental science is part of the giant family of medicine.

What I experienced during the seemingly endless surgery was tiring. I drained the entire glucose out of my system just by the stretching of my jaws. But, the pressure on the three doctors that made my mouth their playing field, was much more immense. I could see it in their eyes. Three doctors for a simple procedure? Sounds ridiculous. But all were skilled.

Until then, I had presumed that the medicals of teeth were not so complicated as rest of the body. But, I am writing this to reveal that I am convinced otherwise. Imagine, racing your car in your backyard or riding a motorbike inside your house. You have to be really really careful, else you could knock of more important things nearby. On comparison, a dentist requires great consciousness and vigour in doing what they do. Any small mistake, they could severely mess with the nerves - nerves that lead directly to your brain! Yet, most of the dental surgeries turn out to be successful. Dentists are not given the 'Dr.' for no reason. They require the respect and status just like any other doctor in the society.

This is my appreciation to the three doctors that did their job well and offered me a Frooti for my patience.

Ah! My teeth still hurts (The drugs are easing off now)


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